Anton Rask Lundborg


Office 04.3.01

Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Copenhagen

Universitetsparken 5

2100 København Ø


I am a postdoc at the Copenhagen Causality Lab, University of Copenhagen. My current research focuses on non- and semiparametric inference for a variety of different data structures and problems.

My research interests include developing new methods with theoretical guarantees and analysing current methods in the fields of causal inference, semi- and nonparametric statistics and non-euclidean statistics.

I am also interested in more foundational and philosophical problems in statistics and causal inference in particular.

I am supervised by Niklas Pfister. Previously, I did a PhD under the supervision of Rajen Shah and Richard Samworth at the Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge and a master’s thesis under the supervision of Jonas Peters at the University of Copenhagen.

Keywords: statistics, theoretical statistics, conditional independence testing, causal inference, semiparametric statistics, nonparametric statistics, non-euclidean statistics

Selected papers

  1. arXiv
    The Projected Covariance Measure for assumption-lean variable significance testing
    Anton Rask LundborgIlmun KimRajen D. Shah, and Richard J. Samworth
  2. arXiv
    Confounder Selection: Objectives and Approaches
    F. Richard GuoAnton Rask Lundborg, and Qingyuan Zhao
  3. JRSSB
    Conditional independence testing in Hilbert spaces with applications to functional data analysis
    Anton Rask LundborgRajen D. Shah, and Jonas Peters
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology) 2022


Nov 2022 Paper on conditional independence testing for functional data is published in the Journal of The Royal Statistical Society: Series B.
Nov 2022 New paper on arXiv: The Projected Covariance Measure for assumption-lean variable significance testing
Oct 2022 Started postdoc at the University of Copenhagen supervised by Niklas Pfister.
Aug 2022 New paper on arXiv: Confounder Selection: Objectives and Approaches.
Jan 2021 First paper is on arXiv: Conditional Independence Testing in Hilbert Spaces with Applications to Functional Data.
Dec 2020 Gave a talk at CMStatistics 2020 about upcoming work on conditional independence testing for functional data.
Jan 2020 Started position as a PhD Student at the Unversity of Cambridge supervised by Rajen Shah and Richard Samworth.